Inspired By You

We're more than a boutique.

We're a treasure trove for all tastes. At Be Boutique, we strive to stock (and create) items that make our customers smile and inspire them to be a little more fabulous.

You can find a gift to give, a Little Italy or San Diego souvenir, a trinket to wear, or a weekend chic look to don for a day in San Diego. We're as passionate about our wares as we are about our neighborhood, and we can't wait to share both with you. So next time you stroll through Little Italy, be daring and take a peek inside our shop -- you never know what new surprises are inside.

A sense of humor and sense of fun are super important to us.

Which is why our voice is always lighthearted... and occasionally a little irreverent. Our content connects with locals and tourists alike by showing off our wares and showing our appreciation for our little slice of San Diego. 

The name Be Boutique is inspired by You… our customer. “Be” is a word filled with endless possibilities to create your personal style! A style that fits your personality... Perfectly!

You'll continue to find clothing, accessories and gifts with the same sense of style and humor... not to mention an easy and relaxed store environment. We love and value each of our customers and we can't wait to have you visit! 

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