Lapcos Face Mask
Lapcos Face Mask
Lapcos Face Mask
Lapcos Face Mask
Lapcos Face Mask
Lapcos Face Mask
Lapcos Face Mask
Lapcos Face Mask

Lapcos Face Mask

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Perfect for nourishing stressed skin 

moisturizing lyocell sheet mask 

contains honey extract to help fight the signs of aging while adding antibacterial Protection 

contains yellow flower to moisturize and refresh skin also offering a boost in elasticity 


sheet mask containing fine charcoal powder for its detoxifying abilities 

works to purify and brighten the skin 

this mask draws out impurities helping to achieve a flawless complexion 

it also holds anti-aging properties, helping to tighten and minimize the appearance of large pores 


Brightening ten elm sheet mask 

conatins pearl extract which aids in anti aging benefits 

which promote rejuvenation 

brightening essences improve and balance skin tones to reveal a healthy complexion 


This sheet mask is formulated with milk protein essence to replenish 

condition and hydrate dry skin 

moisturizing, exfoliating, and replenishing 


PT cell sheet mask 

infused with collagen peptides 

promotes renewed beauty by supporting supreme skin health 

great to refresh and revive tired dull skin for a smooth and youthful complexion 

works to diminish the appearance  of wrinkles and fine lines 


This sheet mask conatins Seawater and Plankton extract to provide hydration and vitality 

seawater provides a wave of nourishment so that skin regain health and energy 

plankton extract hold vitamins, amino acids, and minerals that supply the skin with deep moisture 


This sheet mask holds aloe leaf and cucumber fruit extract to help dry skin retain moisture 

and give the skin a soft hydrated appearance 

packed with nutrients for the skin, this mask nourishes and revitalizes